Wildbit Studios

Dibuprint 3D is a tool that emerges thanks to the application of our unique visual technology (RTSE) in other areas of knowledge. In this case it allows the democratization of 3D printing, facilitating its access to any user without skills of 3D modelling. It's distributed in exclusive in learning centers and retail thanks to our agreement with Colido España, leading multinational in 3D printing for education and consumer.

In Wildbit Business we have implemented a vertical in education and technology, based on our experience spanning years implementing techonlogy in the class room. We develop games and apps both for curricular and extracurricular content, including special educative needs and developments for people with sensorial, motor and intellectual challenges.

Our tools "Dibuprint 3D" and "Animaprint 3D: animation lab" use rtse technology to facilitate integration of 3D printing in the class room, since with RTSE technology developed by Wildbit Studios, we can turn any 2D drawing into a 3D object that we can 3D print and animate without needing to know about modelling.

Contact us if you are interested in a demo in your educative center.

more projects

  • Red Eagle: Origins

    The official game of the TV series

    The frantic official video game from the Red Eagle series by RTVE and Globomedia.

  • Math in your life

    Educative app to learn Maths

    An application that brings some math principles to games, for children to learn while they experiment.